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Student Support Page

This page is designed to support our students enrolled in K2K9 L.L.C. classes.   Videos, recommended reading, and relevant information for classes can be found here.

Classroom Video Support

Choosing a Harness

Choosing a harness can be very confusing with so many styles available today.  When choosing a harness your choice should largely be based on fit and functionality rather than appearance.  
Below is a quick video about how a harness should fit and a link to two brands that we recommend based on fit, value, and durability. 


Recommended Reading

Below is a list of positive reward-based books, articles, and media that will support your training.

Don't Shoot The Dog by Karen Pryor.        The bestselling book that has become mandatory reading for clicker trainers—the book that started it all—has become mandatory listening! 

Reaching The Animal Mind by Karen Pryor.         Winner of the 2009 Maxwell Award for Best Training and Behavior Book!  

Dog Training Kit by Karen Pryor    Everything you need to get started training your adopted dog or older dog. Just add a reinforcer of your own choosing.  You'll see a difference in your dog in just a few short sessions!

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