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About Us

Experienced trainers using science and kindness to create a training experience that works!

At K2K9, we help our pet clients and their human friends make the most of their friendship. We know that each dog is different, and we work with you and your pet to provide tailor-made guidance that creates long lasting change. Whether you have a new pet or already live with one, our comprehensive science-based training programs will help you and your dog live your best lives.  

 Contact us today and begin your training journey.

Our Team

Leave It to the Experts


Kathryn Gordon, M.S.W., KPA-CTP,

Kimberly Poisson, KPA-CTP, FDM, CTDI, CCFC


Kathryn Gordon, M.S.W., KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA has enjoyed training dogs since childhood.  She has titled in Obedience, qualifying for both the Nationals and the Regionals, but she has focused on handling search and rescue (SAR) dogs, primarily in the area of human remains detection (HRD), nationally certifying multiple dogs in land cadaver and crime scene detection.  Kathryn and her dogs have deployed on various cases in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.  She stays current on research related to scent detection and canine behavior and training.


Since her social work days, Kathryn has enjoyed helping people learn new skills, so teaching people dog training is a great fit. She has taught weekly puppy and basic manners classes, as well as scent detection classes, since 2012—developing one of the first and most successful nose work programs in Michigan before moving to the Ann Arbor area. Kathryn’s students have had success at shows, winning many titles and awards. Over the past few years, Kathryn has been invited to give multiple full- and half-day seminars on scent detection and canine olfaction in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida.

Kathryn loves working with dogs and their people on behaviors that are creating difficulties in the human-animal relationship.  She has successfully compleated Dr. Susan Friedman's Living and Learning with Animals course and has completed the Aggressive Dog Master course with Michael Shikashio.   She offers private lessons and behavior consults upon request. She has a special interest in behavior cases involving reactivity, aggression, and fear.  She is also a certified AKC CGC and trick evaluator.


Kathryn currently partners with a Border Collie named Ffion in human remains detection and agility.  Angus, her former SAR dog is retired from work, but they are pursuing a new adventure, along with Ffion--learning Freestyle!

Kimberly has over 30 years experience working with dogs, raptors, and exotics on a multitude of training platforms, and only uses positive reward-based training methods.   She is very proud to call herself a "clicker geek."

In 2020 Kimberly was recognized as an All-Star Trainer of the Year by Do More With Your Dog.  

For over thirty years she has been an Ann Arbor resident along with her husband, children and grandchildren.   She works with her Australian Shepherds Maven and Jinx, and her Border Terrier Fergus.   When they are not in the classroom they can be found doing barn hunt, rally, earth dog, scent work, and tricks.  

Along with her classes Kimberly also assists owners with training their own dogs for service and therapy work.  

Kim has the following certifications:

  • Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner #80693

  • Fear-Free Certified Elite Trainer

  • Agresssion in Dogs-Master Certificate

  • Certified Family Dog Mediator

  • DMWYD Certified Trick Dog Instructor

  • DMWYD Certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach

  • DMWYD Stunt Dog Judge

  • AKC CGC/Trick evaluator

  • AKC STAR puppy instructor

  • AKC Fit Dog Instructor

  • UKC SPOT evaluator

  • Certificate in Pet Nutritionist

  • Certificate in Behavior Analysis

  • Certified Pet Bereavement Counselor

  • Doggone Safe Bite Prevention counselor


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