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K2K9 Resources to help you reach your training goals

What class is right for my dog?

Training with your dog should be fun for both of you.  It is a great idea to learn the basic skills (sit, down, stay, loose leash-walking).   

After that, have some fun with your dog.  We offer scent classes, trick dog classes, canine conditioning, recall workshops, and many other fun classes that will keep your dog excited about training. 

Spark your dogs joy, do something new with them!

Browses our current classes and book your next training adventure today.  

Feel free to head over to our class sign up page and view our current classes.  Still undecided?  See our list of recommended classes or use our contact page and reach out either by email or phone and we will help you choose just the right one for you and your pup.  

Dog Training
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Are there books that you can recommend?

Yes!  There are lots of excellent books out there to supplement the training you are doing at home and with us. 


The trick is finding books that will provide ethical and effective guidance on how to address your issue or area of interest--not to mention books  that are well written.

To help, K2K9 has started a Recommended Reading page. 



If you are interested in a deep dive into dogs, along with the staff at K2K9, here is a new book that is highly recommended by people we trust.

Dogs in Translation: A unique journey of observation and interpretation.

Dogs in Translation book

Treats 101:  Choices that will take your training to the next level

Not all treats are created equal and when it comes to training and treats, presentation is everything.  

Treats should be something special that your dog only gets during training sessions.  Portion or cut them into small, bite-size pieces so they can be eaten easily and quickly and you are not filling your pup's tummy up.   It is not the size of the treat, it is the value.  A small pea-sized piece of cheese has a higher value than a bigger piece of kibble.  

Treat suggestions:

  • string cheese

  • hot dogs

  • chicken

  • baby food , peanut butter, or cream cheese in a squeeze tube

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Student Support

Check out videos of basic training exercises.

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