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Recommended Progression of Classes

In life its often hard to make a choice with so many great options in front of you.   Where is a good place to start your training journey?

We've got you covered!  Use the following flow chart to help you plan your training adventure with. your best friend.   

Doggie Handshake

What Classes Should I Take?

Note: the following life stages are rough estimates based on typical developmental periods.  Overlap in age categories can be reduced by considering the individual dog based on their energy level/maturity, breed (or predominate breed in the case of a mix), learning history, and overall temperament.

Dog Portrait

All ages face challenges from time to time . . .

Life Stage:  Any dog

Maybe your dog has trouble relaxing or they find it difficult to stay calm around other dogs.  Maybe your vet or a trainer told you that your dog is out of shape.  Or possibly you accidentally quicked your dog's toe nail and he or she is now saying NO to all your husbandry efforts.  Don't worry, there are classes for each of these issues, and more.

If you are struggling with a specific issue look through the following classes--and sign up for our mailing list (the sign up is at the bottom of our main page) so that you hear about special workshops and seminars..​​

  • Distracted & Mildly Reactive

  • Reactive Dog

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